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Our talented design staff brings its expertise into every aspect of every project. Whether assisting you with a home or office design, working with an architectural plan, simple decorating or room accessorizing, all members of Wiseman & Gale & Duncan Interiors Inc., are dedicated to giving you the best possible options to express your own personal style.

Our meticulous support staff works behind the scenes to make each order flow as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. With a strong desire to complete your project in a timely manner, these dedicated people make sure your experience with us is positive and enjoyable.

As professional designers and decorators, Wiseman & Gale & Duncan Interiors Inc., believes that every Interior Design scheme should embody qualities of timelessness, comfort, ease of function, and balance. It should invite the viewer to linger longer than was intended, enjoy more than was anticipated.

Whether you are "contemplating remodeling, initiating new construction, or simply "spiffing up," we hope that you will give Wiseman & Gale & Duncan Interiors Inc., an opportunity to serve you soon.